The 4th International Congress on Diabetes Management

چهارمین کنگره بین المللی مدیریت دیابت

9-10 November 2023 The Institute of Nutrition Research and Food Industry, Tehran “The presence of Medisa Novin Payesh Company as the representative of the KMT Group at the Fourth International Congress on Diabetes Management and the introduction of the latest products and services in this field to enthusiasts and diabetes management specialists. This congress, in […]

International Exhibition of Medical, Dental, Lab and Pharma Equipment 2023

ایران مد 2023

10-13 October 2023 Shahr-e Aftab International Exhibition, Tehran The Iran Med Expo is the leading international trade fair in the medical equipment industry, held in Iran. As one of the biggest fairs in the region, it showcases the latest advancements in Equipment and Supplies for Dental, Laboratory, and Pharmaceutical Fields, bringing together leading companies, manufacturers, […]

Conduction of a Specialized Workshop on the Implementation of the PICC product by the Representative of BD Company

برگزاری ورکشاپ تخصصی کارگذاری محصول PICC توسط نماینده کمپانی BD در بیمارستان عرفان

5 August 2023 KMT Group Training Hall, Tehran A specialized workshop on the implementation of the PICC product was successfully organized by the esteemed representative of BD Company, Mr. Hassan Saghir, hosting an experienced group of physicians and nurses from reputable hospitals including Erfan, Atieh, Kasra, and Imam Khomeini Hospital. This specialized workshop, in collaboration […]

22th Congress of Iranian Association of Prosthodontists & 3rd Symposium of Digital Dentistry

حضور گروه خسرومدیساطب در 22 امین کنگره بین المللی انجمن علمی پروستودنتیست های ایران و سومین سمپوزیم دندانپزشکی دیجیتال

4 – 7 July 2023 Milad Tower, Tehran Plurdandan Pars, as the representative of the KMT Group, participated in the 22th International Congress of the Iranian Society of Prosthodontists and the 3rd Digital Dentistry Symposium. They shared their latest research and achievements in this field with interested individuals. Furthermore, at this event, Dr. Ammar Neshati, […]

Advanced Laparoscopic Training Course

دوره آموزشی پيشرفته جراحی لاپاروسكوپی

16 June 2023 Tehran Medical Science University, Laparoscopy Training Center The Advanced Laparoscopic Training Course held by KMT Group in Tehran Medical Science University’s Laparoscopy Training Center on June 16, 2023, is designed to provide advanced training in laparoscopic surgical techniques. The course focuses on the use of Ethicon Energy sealing devices, specifically the Harmonic […]

The 28th Farabi Ophthalmology Congress

بیست و هشتمین سمینار علمی چشم پزشکی فارابی

03-05 May 2023 Olympic Hotel, Tehran The 28th Farabi Ophthalmology Congress was held from, hosting by Farabi Hospital at Olympic Hotel in Tehran, with the presence of eminent and remarkable professors, Ophthalmologists, and Doctors in this field.It was the turning point in the scientific society and valuable field of ophthalmology, in which KMT Healthcare Group […]