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Refractive error correction methods (Part 3)


Correction of refractive errors has several methods, among which LASIK eye surgeries have recently become very popular and many people want surgery. LASIK and PRK surgeries and choosing the best method to eliminate refractive errors in each person and with Attention to the special circumstances of the person can be evaluated.

Refractive error correction methods (Part 2)


Basically, all corneal eye surgeries are based on changing the shape and curvature of the cornea. So that the light is focused on the retina of the eye after passing through the cornea...

Refractive error correction methods (Part 1)


With the increasing progress that has been made in the systems for evaluating the optical and refractive properties of the eye, as well as laser devices and lasers, as well as intraocular lenses, the range of refractive surgeries has expanded day by day and has better quality and higher health.

Types of dietary supplements - sports


Supplements are tools to increase the ability of the athlete to build muscle in the body. They start taking multivitamins, proteins and creatine. Products to increase performance and increase muscle mass, strength and endurance in athletes.

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