Conduction of a Specialized Workshop on the Implementation of the PICC product by the Representative of BD Company

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برگزاری ورکشاپ تخصصی کارگذاری محصول PICC توسط نماینده کمپانی BD در بیمارستان عرفان

A specialized workshop on the implementation of the PICC product was successfully organized by the esteemed representative of BD Company, Mr. Hassan Saghir, hosting an experienced group of physicians and nurses from reputable hospitals including Erfan, Atieh, Kasra, and Imam Khomeini Hospital.

This specialized workshop, in collaboration with Medisa Raya Darman Company and the National Vascular Surgeons Association, took place in the Training Hall of Khosro Medisa Group on the 5th of August, 2023.

During this workshop, new achievements and experiences in the field of the PICC product were shared, and questions and inquiries from participants were addressed. The extensive presence of physicians and nurses at this event demonstrates their willingness to update their knowledge and enhance their capabilities related to this domain.

We sincerely appreciate all individuals and organizations who contributed to the organization and success of this specialized workshop, and we hope that such informative and enriching events will continue in the future.

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