Advanced Laparoscopic Training Course

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دوره آموزشی پيشرفته جراحی لاپاروسكوپی

The Advanced Laparoscopic Training Course held by KMT Group in Tehran Medical Science University’s Laparoscopy Training Center on June 16, 2023, is designed to provide advanced training in laparoscopic surgical techniques. The course focuses on the use of Ethicon Energy sealing devices, specifically the Harmonic and Enseal devices.

Ethicon Energy sealing devices, such as the Harmonic and Enseal devices, are advanced surgical instruments used in laparoscopic procedures. These devices utilize ultrasonic or advanced bipolar energy to seal blood vessels and tissue, reducing the need for sutures or clips and potentially improving surgical outcomes.

During the training course, participants can expect to learn about the principles and applications of laparoscopic surgery, including the use of Ethicon Energy sealing devices.

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