22th Congress of Iranian Association of Prosthodontists & 3rd Symposium of Digital Dentistry

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حضور گروه خسرومدیساطب در 22 امین کنگره بین المللی انجمن علمی پروستودنتیست های ایران و سومین سمپوزیم دندانپزشکی دیجیتال

Plurdandan Pars, as the representative of the KMT Group, participated in the 22th International Congress of the Iranian Society of Prosthodontists and the 3rd Digital Dentistry Symposium. They shared their latest research and achievements in this field with interested individuals.

Furthermore, at this event, Dr. Ammar Neshati, a specialist in dental prosthetics, conducted a workshop entitled “Principles of Need-Based Preparation and Construction of Upper Jaw Models for Ceramic Laminates.” The workshop included a demonstration of preparation and modeling on a cast.

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