Composite or Laminate?

Composite or laminate

What is the difference between composite and laminate? Which one is better? The difference between composite and laminate: Nowadays, both of these methods have gained many fans, but there are still many who are not familiar with the distinction between these two dental terms and do not know the characteristics of each. Dental laminate and […]

Everything You Need to Know About Glaucoma

هر آنچه باید در مورد آب سیاه بدانیم

What are the Treatment Methods for Glaucoma? Glaucoma can be treated using eye drops, medications, laser surgery, corrective surgeries, or a combination of these approaches. The primary goal of treating this condition is to lower intraocular pressure, preventing damage to the optic nerve and preserving vision loss. The damages caused by glaucoma are permanent and […]

Conduction of a Specialized Workshop on the Implementation of the PICC product by the Representative of BD Company

برگزاری ورکشاپ تخصصی کارگذاری محصول PICC توسط نماینده کمپانی BD در بیمارستان عرفان

5 August 2023 KMT Group Training Hall, Tehran A specialized workshop on the implementation of the PICC product was successfully organized by the esteemed representative of BD Company, Mr. Hassan Saghir, hosting an experienced group of physicians and nurses from reputable hospitals including Erfan, Atieh, Kasra, and Imam Khomeini Hospital. This specialized workshop, in collaboration […]