Logistic Expert

Job type: Full-Time
Job location: Tehran
Job category: Medical diagnosis

Job Description

Working days & hours: Saturdays – Tuesdays: 8:00 -17: 00 pm / Wednesdays: 8:00 – 16:00 pm
Full Time
Business trips
medical insurance
2 years of experience in related field
Bachelor of Management / Commerce / Business or Mathematics and Statistics or Finance and Accounting / Bachelor of Economics or Industrial Engineering
Job description & responsibilities

  • Supervising the preparation, correct and safe way of loading and dispatching of shipments to the customer’s location
  • Receiving the goods according to the remittance and invoice from the warehouse and signing the relevant documents
  • Matching ready-to-load items of remittance with sales invoices and make sure they are matching with each other
  • Handing over the loaded cargo to the company’s driver or the forwarder and receiving receipt from them
  • Receiving, controlling and archiving bills of lading
  • Registering and keeping the statistics of outgoing shipments
  • Controlling the safety of the company’s vehicles and the forwarder and ensuring that they have the necessary licenses.
  • Ability to distinguish the products
  • Ability to detect unsafe items in loading and arrangement procedure of cargoes
  • Ability to work with specialized software for loading and dispatching goods
  • Being bodily and physically healthy for loading and unloading procedure
  • None smoker

Age: 24-35
Gender: Male
Military service: completion of military service or exemption from it is mandatory

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