7th Annual Dermatology Congress of Razi Hospital

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7th Annual Dermatology Congress of Razi Hospital

The 7th Annual Dermatology Congress of Razi Hospital and the 11th Evidence-Based Dermatology, Beauty and Laser Seminar were held from 28-30 September, 2022 at the Olympic Hotel in Tehran.

This congress is held every year with the purpose of discussion and exchange of opinions between the professors of this hospital and other universities of the country and the formation of scientific exchange between dermatology professors inside and outside the country.

In this congress, the latest diagnostic and therapeutic achievements in the field of dermatology will be examined, and the professors of the dermatology department can use these new developments to improve the quality of their diagnostic and therapeutic services.

Aesthetic & Pharmaceutical department of KMT group was also present in this congress and showed its latest products.

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