Specialized Meeting on Biological Security and The Use of Disinfection and Disinfectants in The Fisheries Industry

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: نشست تخصصی امنیت زیستی و کاربرد گندزدایی و ضدعفونی کننده ها در صنایع شیلاتی

Specialized meeting on biological security and the application of disinfection and disinfectants in Fisheries industries with the presence of members of the Aquaculture Production and Trade Union and the Center for the Coordination of Knowledge, Industry and Market of Aquatic on December 14, 2022 by KMT Group and in cooperation with Salamat Azmoun Halal Company was held at the center of Tehran Chamber of Commerce organizations.

This ceremony was held with the active participation (present and non-present) of about one hundred people from the field of fisheries and aquaculture and with the presentation of scientific materials by Dr. Matlabi, the Honorable President of the Association, Dr. Abdi from the Veterinary Organization of the country, and Dr. Narimani, the CEO of Water health and Disaster management department of KMT group. It was carried out in the fields of health of fishery products and biological security of aquaculture centers.

The introduction of the disinfectant product Anityzer (Anolyte) and the applications of EOW technology in various areas of aquaculture and fishing industries were among the most important topics presented in this meeting and the results of the successful use of this product in Iran and other countries in the field of fish, shrimp and Aquatic products processing and processing lines were also brought to the attention of the attendees.

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