Yalda Celebration and Launch of Organika Products

1397/09/30 - 00:00 / 7765

 Overview of the Function:
-For two weeks physicians and target pharmacies were informed about Yalda Night and Launch of Organika Products’ event, and invited to this ceremony by Medisa Salamat Gostar Company’s Marketing Team.
-On arrival the guests were welcomed, served and attended by our colleagues with full courtesy. Following the introduction of Organika products, they were requested to join in a photo op.
-Invitees later attended a variety of entertainment programs including Hafez poetry reading, traditional Iranian dance by a special troupe, live music and standup comedy.
-In between the entertainment programs the invitees were shown a promotional film clip of Organika products.
-Guests were served dinner before the valedictory ceremony at 12.00 pm.

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