Xeomin Injection Workshop in Treatment of Neurological Diseases

1397/10/06 - 00:00 / 7830

Xeomin Injection Workshop was held with the presence of 45 neurologists and Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine Specialists in Shiraz, Muhammad Rasoololah Research Tower on 27th of December of 2018. The workshop was also held with cooperation of Clinical Neurology Research Center and Shiraz University of Medical Sciences and Neurology Society of Fars. The workshop began with the presentation of Dr. Farhad Emadi about migraine and then Dr. Vahid Reza Ostovan presented his lecture about Cervical Dystonia. After the break time, Dr. Afshin Borhani Haghighi, one of the most reputed neurologists, presented his lecture about Upper & Lower Limb Spasticity and the event was continued with Xeomin injection on 3 patients were suffering from Migraine, Cervical Dystonia and Upper & Lower Limb Spasticity. Finally, the event finished by Question & Answering session between dear Participants.

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