Types of local slimming methods (Part 2)

Topical slimming machine, which uses the latest cellulite and local slimming and size decreasing methods, which is used in various skin areas.


This slimming machine uses a special engine to create a suction which you can adjust its intensity and frequency and it has two rollers that makes the skin stretch. The mechanical massage of the device, affects the skin and cellulite and subcutaneous fat, muscles, or bones and vessels and nerves, by creating a positive pressure and moving on the skin and creating a negative pressure on the underlying layers of the skin without making bad effects on the above layers.


Massage with LPG slimming machine is a non-invasive therapy that it's results is noticeable in only 6 sessions, but in some cases it is recommended to do 20 sessions of therapy or more. It is recommended to have two or three sessions of 45-minute treatment every other day each week.


In massage with LPG machine a special device is used for tightening loose skin, correcting body defects, slimming and cellulite removal.





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(Roll technique (circulation


Two independent rollers in LPG machine help to pull the skin while moving forward. This method is effective in treatment of various tissues such as cellulitis, fat, skin edema, fibrous tissue in the skin, skin adhesions, skin inflammation, fragile and sensitive skin.


Lifting technique


By creating small pulses on the head of device, a wave is created in the body's tissues, which results in stimulation of the skin's delication system. Which, according to the frequency of lifting part of device (4, 8 or 16 pulses) and the selected suction power (with adjustable intensity), it is used for aesthetic and therapeutic purposes such as thin and fragile skin, tissue edema, skin scarring, wrinkles and lift of skin. Other uses of LPG include the regeneration and strengthening of face, facial lifting and wrinkles removal, elimination of open pores, dispel of double chin and make delay in the aging process.


The mechanism of endermologie


Mechanical stimulation is the main action of the device, which has been proven by the scientific community. Mechanical stimulation on the skin surface produces signals for skin cells that the physiological response of the cells to it, is as follow:

Recovery of blood and lymph flow in tissues that have cellulite. Increasing in drainage of lymph and blood and thereby eliminating the accumulated wastes; In the same way, improving metabolism and cellular metabolism in dermal cells, including fibroblasts, stimulate fibroblasts to produce collagen and elastin, activates fats decomposition.




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It is another branch of LPG machine's function and it has supportive and relieving role in the treatment of structural problems in the body, including back pain, rheumatology, and sport damages and muscle injuries. LPG increases fat burning by up to 70%. Endermotherapy stimulates the venous flow to produce a rapid and strong discharge in the entire tissue. In addition, endermotherapy is much faster than healthcare.

Therapeutic Indicators: edemas, Chubby lower body or Heavy legs.

it can give your body an excellent look by removing topical fats.

It is one of the most advanced natural techniques for skin rejuvenation.

Lean from your desired area

 Designed for a dedicated fight against resistant and accumulated fats in the abdomen, thigh, pelvis, hips and arms.

The thick and hard tissues that surrounded the fat cells are softened, and gradually, the accumulated resistant lipids are reduced along with diet and exercise.

The smoothness, lifting the fallen areas of the hips, as well as elimination of the fats surround them and scratching the relief of flanks and pelvis, are the miracles of this method.


The results of using the slimming machine


If the primary factors do not change, the tissue returns to its condition before treatment with LPG machine. Therefore, do not forget regular exercise, balanced diet and, if necessary, repeat treatment to maintain results and drink enough water.


Side effects


Bright bruising is the only unpleasant side effect of massage with LPG local slimming machine that appears in patients with sensitive skin. Of course, we should mention the benefits of this method, such as relieving muscle aches, fading skin cracks and connective tissue, scarring, rejuvenation and a sense of relaxation.

Liposuction for local slimming

Local slimming with liposuction can be done to remove fat from virtually any point of body. Often, liposuction is performed for the arms, legs, hip and middle part of body. This method can also be used to remove excess fats in the neck and under the chin.

The beauty specialist starts this operation by inserting a narrow hollow tube, called cannula, into small cuts that are created near operation area (areas). This cannula moves forward and backwards across the adipose tissue layers and extracts the amount of fat needed from that area. After removing the fat, the doctor closes the incision created. Different methods for liposuction are available. When you talk to Dr. Rasekhi, he will help you to choose the most appropriate liposuction and anesthesia method.

To repair and improve the results, liposuction can be performed along with other topical slimming methods such as abdominoplasty (abdominal beauty surgery), body lifting, or facial beauty surgery such as facial and neck lifting.





Abdominoplasty or abdominal beauty surgery for local slimming


Pregnancy, severe weight loss, gaining weight and aging can make the skin around the abdomen slack and droop. Abdominoplasty or abdominal beauty surgery can improve the appearance of these areas and make the abdomen tight and thin. Often, to improve the results and tighten the abdominal skin along its lines, liposuction is performed with full abdominoplasty.

Minor abdominoplasty, or minor abdominal beauty surgery, is a minimally invasive procedure that is highly recommended to patients who seek only a modification of their abdominal area. The abdominal surgery offers tremendous results for people who want a thinner abdomen and may not be able to achieve their desire by diet and exercise. If you have had a gastric bypass surgery, abdominal surgery is a great treatment for removing the excess skin and fat which is remained around the abdominal area.


Complete body lift for topical slimming surgery


Losing weight due to a diet or stomach gastrectomy surgery can create a lot of extra skin around the abdomen, thighs and arms. Extensive skin loosening can be very uncomfortable and can cause medical problems such as cellulitis and abscesses. Surgical removal and extraction of the extra tissue and skin can dramatically improve the sense of satisfaction and self-confidence, and give you a new, elegant and slim appearance.

A large portion of the extra skin can be modified via body's surgery, which will help to change the form of back, mid area, thighs, and hips. By combining this operation with liposuction and also the operation of the arm lifting, the results of local slimming surgery can be completed. After surgery, you will notice the dramatic difference in your body shape.


Arm lifting


Skin loss on the arms and thigh can be caused by aging or weight loss. The problem with these areas can be solved by using local surgeries of arm lifting (or brachioplasty) and thighs lifting. For the operation of arm lifting, Dr. Rasekhi creates an incision along the inner part of the arm and separates the extra skin. The remaining skin is pulled together and closed. The result will be a stiffer and smoother arm.


(Thighs lifting (lower body part lifting


The operation of thigh lifting, which is also called the thighplasty or lower body lifting, is created by cutting through the lower part of the waist, through which the thigh, hips and lower abdomen will be flattened. Then the extra skin of that part is removed and the cutting location will be carefully closed. To achieve more favorable results, this operation can be done along with liposuction.


Hips lifting and enlarging


Hips lifting is a way to enlarge the hips which, will make the younger appearance, more attractive and more comfortable for the hips without using artificial prostheses. Since the patient's body fat is used to enlarging the hips, this operation is a natural way for this purpose. Many people want to perform hips lifting operation, because this operation, in addition to the hips, also modifies the body's overall form.


Mesotherapy for local slimming


Mesotherapy is a medical therapy that help local slimming by effectively reducing cellulitis and body fat, and hence its application is increasing day by day. In this operation, medications, vitamins, natural extracts, nucleoproteins, inorganic nutrients, homeopathic agents, amino acids, and other substances are transmitted through the microscopic injection to the mesoderm layer in the subcutaneous tissue.


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Prepared :

Neshat Khosravi - Microbiologist





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