Types of local slimming methods (Part 1)

Topical Slimming



With topical slimming plastic surgery, you can get results that are often not possible with weight loss alone. The local slimming method helps you to improve your body shape and have a fit body. The body's topical slimming procedure involves surgical and non-surgical procedures that are used to reform different areas of the body.



Topical Slimming Device



Local obesity or accumulation of local adipose tissue, especially in women, is a common problem. In addition, they are many people who suffer from the accumulation of local fats despite their normal weight. This accumulation of fatty tissue is called cellulite. A diet with physical activity is recommended for all people who need topical slimming. Experiences and studies have shown that topical slimming does not occur with diet and exercise alone. Different methods are used in addition to diet and exercise in the world. LPG or Endermologie is one of the new ways to treat cellulite.






Areas that can be treated by a topical slimming machine







Around the pelvis


Side cellulitis


Loose skin


Local obesity of all areas of the body




Benefits of Slimming Device



Strong and approved results by researches (more than 28 scientific researches)


Minor effect on skin condition


A pleasant and relaxing treatment


Bringing more beauty and fitness


Reducing water accumulation in the body after the first treatment session


Smoothen of cellulite notches after 6 sessions of treatment


More skin flexibility and loss of resistant fats after 12 sessions (fat loss in this method reaches about 70%)




What is Cellulite?



Cellulite is a complication of excessive fat accumulation which is located in the subcutaneous layer, along with water retention in adjacent tissues. To eliminate these cellulites, appropriate local slimming should be used.





What is endermologie?



As you get old, the function of skin cells will be disturbed. Endermologie is now recognized as a golden standard and a healthy and effective way to treat cellulitis, local fats and skin wrinkles. A completely natural phenomenon, without harm and non-invasive, which has yielded excellent, significant and lasting results. When the fat cells do not burn, the cells store the lipids that are resistant to exercise and diet, and the skin surface forms like an orange. In fact, a roll-up system that is combined with suction, causes cellulite treatment. This repeating mechanical stimulation re-activates the fat cells metabolism, the accumulation of fat cells is broken, and as a result fat cells will be removed and body gets a better form. Cellulite tissue becomes smoother and skin ruptures are significantly reduced, and lymphatic fluid exchanges increases. Endermologie has been used by the LPG system for about 20 years, and is used daily by thousands of people worldwide to benefit from this advanced method. This smart device is capable of adjusting and adapting to any type of tissue, and in various parts of the body, with two mechanisms of lift massage and lipomassage, has yielded tremendous results.



Neshat Khosravi - Microbiologist






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