Diabetes week 2019

1398/08/25 - 18:18 / 116

Based on the latest statistics provided by the International Diabetes Foundation, Approximately 463 million adults were living with diabetes and by 2045 this will rise to 700 million.

Thus, the Ministry of Health and Medical Education named each weekday of National Diabetes Week (9th to 15th Oct) as below:

Saturday (9th Oct): Diabetes, media, and family

Sunday (10th Oct): Diabetes, education, and family

Monday (11th Oct): Diabetes, NGO’s and family

Tuesday (12th Oct): Diabetes, nutrition, and family

Wednesday (13th Oct): Diabetes, self-care, and family

Thursday (14th Oct): Diabetes, local supports, and family

Friday (15th Oct): Diabetes, physical activities, and family

Khosro Medisa Teb held numerous monitoring and education events nationwide in collaboration with NCD department of Ministry of Health, Tehran Municipality, Iranian

    Charity Foundation for Special Diseases and SBMU Research Institute for Endocrine Sciences














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