IRAN Healthcare Sector

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Iran’s constitution guarantees access to healthcare to its citizens and a broad national insurance structure covers about 90 percent of the population. Iran’s 49 medical universities providing high-quality training for doctors. In 2018 Iran had nearly 15,000 medical teaching staff and almost 250,000 medical students, two-thirds of whom are female.
The Iranian healthcare industry is well developed with an estimated size of $22.3 billion (2015, BMI) and healthcare expenditure representing 6.9% of GDP. Compared to 5.4% in Turkey, 4.7% in Saudi Arabia and 3.6% in the United Arab Emirates. The Iranian market has significant growth potential with BMI forecasting growth to $31.2 billion by 2020 corresponding to a CAGR of c.+7% in terms of the US dollar (BMI report, 2017).


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