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From large regional hospitals seeking for the latest surgical techniques to small local hospital facilities planning step-by-step development, our customers face the same challenge: making their operating rooms (OR) completely ergonomic and hygienic. A Modular and open-architecture system is the solution.
The right technology in the operating theatre can limit the costs and time needed to prepare the operating room for surgery.
With modular walls, the surgical space can be perfectly tailored to the user’s needs. Modernization or technology Upgrades can be done overnight without disturbing the surgery plan. Modular solutions are also preferred due to their short installation time and flexibility to add new elements to an already existing system
For our wall panels, we use stainless steel of the highest quality, which meets international standards and the highest requirements of the health care system. Silver ion technology used in our products ensures sterility, easy maintenance, and effective utilization. We recommend stainless steel technology of proven quality, functionality and efficiency in other healthcare centers but other materials such as Galvanized Steel and Glass can also be implemented.

Our Modular System operating rooms offer a complete surgical environment including modular ceilings, medical flooring, general lights, laminar airflow, built-in cabinets and monitors, scrub sink, surgical  doors and, etc.


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