The 22nd IranHealth International Exhibition

The 22nd IranHealth International Exhibition

The 22nd IranHealth International Exhibition
1398/05/01 - 22:05 / 46

The 22nd IranHealth International Exhibition was held with the participation of officials and authorities and also enthusiastic persons of this section on June 09th – 12th 2019. Iran Health brought together once again the best in the business of medical product, hospital, diagnostic, pharmaceutical, laboratory and rehabilitation equipment. Considering the importance of developing indigenous and national capacities, the presence of reputable companies has given the exhibition a very nice situation this year. We are very proud that the booth of the Khosro Medisa Teb Group has not taken momentarily the warm presence of the domestic and foreign medical suppliers, industry professionals, hospital administrators, doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals, and we have been able to provide a cozy place for high-level meetings to promote the increasing health level of the country. During the exhibition, more than 1500 people visited our booth. Among them there were several KOLs and VIPs especially from MOH Regulatory Sector, Educational Universities and Hospitals as well as relevant associations including: -Dr. Namaki; Minister of Health -Mr. Safavi; CEO of Iran Medical Equipment Department of MOH -Dr. Jaanbabaei; Health Deputy of MOH





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