Environmental Health and Crisis Management


Khosro Medisa Teb Crisis Management Group in Disaster Management started its activities in the field of health in 2006. Some of the activities of this group are:

  • Design and supply of lightweight and mobile rapid deployment hospitals, advanced medical posts and first aid stations.
  • Water purification and disinfection in camps and mobile hospitals during disasters and accidents.
  • Providing health solutions to control air and water born disease and surface contaminants in agriculture, Agri-food fields, animal husbandry and medical industries.




Khosro Medisa Salamat Company started its activity in the field of health in 2005 and in its resume, equipping the Red Crescent Society of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the University of Medical Sciences all over the country, the Rescue Organization to various mobile hospitals (RDH), advanced medical posts, forward surgical team, rescue boats, air cushion and mobile clinics; It also has the honor of purification and providing safe drinking water in disasters.













Environmental Health











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