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KMT Group is a manufacturer and provider of a variety of dietary supplements including vitamins D3 and B12 in liposomal form and joint pain relief supplement. It has also produced CBD (cannabis extract) for the first time in Iran to regulate the immune system, reduce anxiety, seizures and other therapeutic applications.




The Organika brand is looking for new paths to better health. This brand produces its products with the natural characteristics and purity of each material. Many steps are taken to create, source, manufacture and test each Organika product without the use of additives.

With more than 200 years of experience, the Guerriero brand is now a leader in the export and widespread distribution of medical equipment, pharmaceuticals and medical supplements and various medical fields.

These two brands offer the best food supplements and KMT Group has proudly provided the products of these two companies to have a healthier and better life.







Pharmapex company is headquartered in San Diego. The company is a multinational group that seeks to meet a range of evolving health needs around the world.

Pharmapex's extensive product line meets the most stringent international standards and requirements. From pharmaceutical oncology to animal health care products, Pharmapex is a reputable name in the international healthcare industry.

Khosrow Medisa Teb Group is proud to be one of the best pharmaceutical brands in the world, PharmaPex.






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