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The Specialized department of beauty and skincare of KMT Group is one of the pioneers in providing beauty products for skin rejuvenation and introducing new technologies in the beauty industry. At this moment, this group is active in providing botulinum toxin, skin fillers, beauty devices, and fitness




There are several types of skin creams, each suitable for one skin type. If you always want to have beautiful young skin, you must meet all its needs. The concern of many people, especially women, is to use appropriate and effective creams for the skin. In the vast and lucrative market of skin creams, there is a considerable amount of extensive publicity about creams and the excessive variety of these creams with different names, expensive brands, stylish packaging, deceptive claims. KMT Group offers the world's top skin brand, Merz, to treat skin diseases and provide the best services.



   Merz Product Categories

  Wound healing

  Botulinum Toxin


Nowadays, having a fresh face and smooth skin with no wrinkles and having fitness and being slim is one of the main concerns of many men and women. Despite the variety of slimming methods and different brands of injectable fillers and counterfeit and unreliable products in the market, choosing the best and most effective way to treat and solve problems has been accompanied by confusion. Also, suppose the right brand and device for gel injection and fitness are not selected. In that case, it may lead to dangerous side effects and cause severe and irreparable damage. KMT Group solves this problem by presenting top skin brands such as Merz, Allergan, and Ulthera and strives to achieve your health and achieve your flawless skin and body.




   Boltulinum Toxin


   Fitness machine


   Skin beauty device




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