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KMT Group Consumer Healthcare Department is a provider of products and services in the field of public health with a focus on the management of non-communicable diseases, such as diabetes and hypertension. This department has the official and exclusive representation of global suppliers on diabetes management, such as Medtronic and BD companies.

The main areas of activity of this department are:

  • Diabetes management products and services in the field of disease diagnosis and insulin delivery to the body
  • Providing professional blood pressure management products and services
  • Providing maternal, infant, and child care products and services
  • Providing products and services related to the field of public health such as body temperature, weight, and asthma management.




In today's world, a sedentary lifestyle and frequent use of fast foods affect our lives and bring us many side effects, such as high blood pressure.

For people with hypertension, frequent management and monitoring blood pressure are considered essential, and on the other hand, due to the increasing progress of engineering and medicine and for the well-being of patients and their lack of need to go to clinics for monitoring their blood pressure, blood pressure monitors are designed and marketed.

Microlife blood pressure monitors, with their unique design, are lightweight and portable with high efficiency and can be used at homes. KMT Group is proud to announce that is the representative of one of the world's top brands, Microlife, in the field of medical equipment.



   Microlife Product Categories



In nowadays when the consumption of fats and carbohydrates indiscriminately has become part of our routine, the number of people diagnosed with diabetes is constantly increasing.

As we know, patients with diabetes need to control their blood sugar by insulin injections, and they need tools to make it easier for them to experience a sense of well-being. For this purpose, KMT Group seeks to offer the world's top and most powerful brands in the field of diabetes management, including Medtronic, BD, Bionime, and iXensor, to take steps towards your health and speed-up your recovery.










One of the essential items needed in every family in order to monitor their health status in the time of having severe to moderate colds is a thermometer so that they can monitor the body temperature with high accuracy.

MedisaCheck thermometer is designed, produced, and marketed with high accuracy and sensitivity, using the latest technology in the world. Also, the Microlife brand is one of the top brands of medical equipment globally, which KMT Group has the honor of being responsible for presenting this brand.






Child care is the primary concern of parents even before the baby is born. With so many different brands on the market, parents may be confused about the best accessories for their beloved child. KMT Group assure you that the SUAVINEX brand is one of the most prestigious and standard brands today.

KMT is a provider of SUAVINEX mother and child care products and tries to reduce your concerns so that you can enjoy the sweet childhood of your children in complete comfort and by using qualified facilities








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