Over 20 years have passed since the specialized activities of KMT Group in the field of dentistry. Currently, the focus of this group is on offering dental consumables, including dental composites, molds and dental implants, from the most prestigious brands in the world.




In today's world, the speed of diagnosis and the choice of appropriate treatment is very important. Oral radiology equipment, if of high quality and accuracy, is effective in accelerating the treatment process and helps dentists to choose the best treatment for the disease. KMT Group provides dental radiology equipment from world-renowned brands such as Acteon and Belmont in order to improve and accelerate the treatment process, to meet the needs of dentists.

ACTEON is a tri-national company that has been successfully operating in France since 1946 and now has 26 offices around the world as well as distribution networks in 94 other countries. One of the goals of ACTEON company is to provide equipment for the comfort and satisfaction of dentists and patients. One of the important values of Acteon is that it strives to produce non-invasive, safe and advanced diagnostic equipment.

Belmont Company was founded in 1921 in Japan and currently operates in the field of medical, dental and cosmetic equipment and is one of the world's leading brands in its field of activity.








Throughout history and with the advancement of science, technologies for the production of dental raw materials have undergone many advances and dental services have become easier for patients and dentists. Today, dentists use many consumables to treat, repair, beautify or meet the needs of patients, and the quality of these materials is very important to provide a successful and easy treatment.

KMT Group is proud to introduce the best global brands in the field of dental consumables such as 3M, Kulzer and Zimmer, to provide the best products and services to the country's dental community. With the slogan "Our past builds your future", 3M has succeeded in producing various products in various fields and sending it to more than 70 countries around the world. Kulzer is one of the leading dental companies in the world, headquartered in Hannah, Germany, offering a wide range of products to dentists and dental technicians. The name Kulzer is always a reminder of superior service, quality and innovation. Zimmer brand is one of the most reputable brands of medical and dental equipment. The company has introduced a new generation of dental fixtures made of Tentalum. The unique design of Zimmer implants has made this brand one of the top five brands in the world.










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