Business Units

Medisa Raya Darman

MARD as a branch of KMT Group is the exclusive representative of Karl Storz Company, provides the range of endoscopic equipment for human and veterinary medicine now encompasses over 8,000 products. Modern endoscopy not only revolutionized medical diagnostics but also paved the way for a new branch of operative technology: minimally invasive surgery. This technique relieves patients of a lot of anxiety and above all physical trauma. Karl Storz has extended its products since 1945 thanks to constant inventions and discoveries, leading to becoming the global pioneer in offering the wide range of endoscopic equipment.

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Medisa Teb Darman

Introducing professional services with the goal of providing the highest quality ophthalmology products, diagnostic and ENT Instruments. We have equipped in excess of 700 hospitals, clinics and medical centers in both public and private sectors in Iran.

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Medisa Novin Payesh

As a rain in the desert some businesses can find their path in the market. The consumer healthcare group established in 2001 to empower people to monitor and improve their own health. Our first step was providing medical home monitoring devices and baby care products. Our innovative and reliable products have been highly recognized by outstanding clinical tests. Having support from all of our stakeholders, we are confident to continue this roadmap to provide precise, reliable and state of the art products to raise public health awareness and to reduce future health problems by early detection. We are promoting the culture of self-management of people as our main organizational mission.

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Khosro Asia Teb

Develop innovative products to provide the treatment solutions for the cardiac patients and decrease cardiovascular risks easy, fast and accurate. The product range includes Angioplasty Catheters, Intravascular Sensors, Analysis Device, Coarctation Stents and Haemostatic Management for interventional procedures.

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Medisa Ara Gostar

In Medisa Ara Gostar we are committed to focusing on various dimensions of the art of Aesthetics including facial rejuvenation and body shaping. Our goal is to assist individuals with a wide range of high-quality noninvasive cosmetic products in one hand and devices in other hands.

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Medisa Salamat Gostar

In MSG our Focus is both on import and production of the highest-quality sport and nutritional supplements, by the goal of transferring the technology for local manufacturing. Our sensitivity of selection scientifically proven effect products makes us a reliable name for providing a wide range of supplements in Neurology, Gastroenterology, Cardiac, Orthopedic, women’s health, Pediatrics, Skin, Glands, and so on.

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Ara Saba Teb

From the very beginning of our journey, we saw great potentials in the dental care market. Our vision was and remains to introduce and develop new and revolutionary concepts in the dental market. Our products are innovative and thoughtfully designed. In our development efforts, we focus primarily on training. We are proud that with the help and support of our partners and specialized team of professionals and dentists we have held numerous seminars, workshops and training programs.
Our trusted brands have empowered dental professionals to provide better, safer and faster care of dental disciplines for over 20 years and we dedicated to continuing this journey for many years to come.

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Ofogh Sanat Medisa

In the course of expanding our capacities, we invested in the new units. The KMT production group established in 2014. Having a large database of trusted providers as well as a team of trained professionals able us to ensure the smooth operation of all project stages and guaranteeing cost, quality and deadlines. Our long term vision and goal is to serve MENA and CIS regions with our locally produced and assembled medical devices and instruments. The vast markets of CIS and our neighboring countries provide a unique and excellent opportunity for locally manufactured medical equipment.

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Khosro Medisa Salamat

Khosro Medisa Salamat established in early 2005 as a professional department by the aim of offering innovative solutions to provide hygienic portable water. The main mission of this company from the start time was transferring international knowledge and experiences to upgrade and upscale health level of society. The geographical location of Iran makes us one of the most vulnerable areas to be stricken by natural disasters. Today we are very proud to announce due to our brilliant history in water health we extended our activities in health branch of crisis management. We worked on advanced post and relief, bed mobile hospitals, mobile laboratories, marine ambulances, water refinery systems during natural disasters, hygienic sanitation during epidemic disease occurrence, as well as working on promoting environmentally, staffs and systems health and control of transmissible contaminations by water, air and surface in agriculture.

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Medisa Jam Aria

We exist to provide better healing conditions for everybody so by delivering world-class products consist of operating/examination lamps, universal operating tables, hospital beds, intensive care units, syringe/injection pumps, and hygiene/disinfection machines we reflect our focus on reaching better clinical outcomes. Relying on our experience we lead in patient and healthcare worker safety by Arterial access system and safety syringes and cannulas.

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Medisa Tavan Teb

After more than 20 years of providing services in health care now a young leaf on KMT sturdy tree. Medisa Tavan Teb is one of our younger companies that provide services in physiotherapy and rehabilitation which established in 2016. Relying on our core assets of education dedicated HR and the most advanced technology in the field of physiotherapy, rehabilitation, chiropractic and sport orthosis, we strive to become the most trusted name for patients as well as all health care professions.

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Medisa Fan Ara

Even the best systems encounter problems. When it comes to servicing, the main goal must be offering full service from a single source which meets high-quality standards that lets customers focus on what matters most: the well-being of their patients. The KMT has an independent after-sales service department, composed of professional engineers to provide a comprehensive service package to ensure that our customers are continuously supported by experts throughout its entire service life. We serve customers with sincerity, and their satisfaction is our work standard.

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Ayda Tajhiz Teb Parsian

Considering the acceleration of growing Iran's medical industry and the government plans for improving national production's level, last year KMT signed a partnership agreement with Ayda Tajhiz Teb Parsian company. Our goal is to assist the national innovation system and transferring our experiences due to developing knowledge-based companies and commercialize their productions.

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Arya Tajhiz Ibn Sina

Arya Tajhiz Ibn Sina Avicenna established in early 2014 and joined KMT group in 2018. Relying on the knowledge and experience of core assets of human resources, we focused on providing world-class quality products consist of Disposable Wear and Surgical Packs by the aim of improving the level of infection control services of society. By knowing the vital importance of our activities and the great responsibility we have taken, in the first step, we have opened a modern factory in accordance with the international standards of GMP, equipped with high-end systems in an area of 10000 m2 and a clean site of 500 m2. Our vision was and remains to introduce safe and high-quality products at an affordable price.

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