Medisa Raya Darman

MARD as a branch of KMT Group is the exclusive representative of Karl Storz Company, provides the range of endoscopic equipment for human and veterinary medicine now encompasses over 8,000 products. Modern endoscopy not only revolutionized medical diagnostics, but also paved the way for a new branch of operative technology: minimally invasive surgery. This technique relieves patients of a lot of anxiety and above all physical trauma. Karl Storz has extended its products since 1945 thanks to constant inventions and discoveries, leading to become the global pioneer in offering widespread range of endoscopic equipment

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Medisa Teb Darman

Hospital Department has equipped in excess of 700 hospitals, clinics and medical centres in both public and private sectors in Iran. The product range includes Operating Theatre/Examination Lamps, Universal Operating Tables, Hospital Beds, Intensive Care Units, Suctions, Anti-Decubitus Mattresses and complete Hospital Logistics Equipments from Germany, France and Poland. Hospital Department consists of specialized and qualified medical engineers and specialized technical team which provides the customers with the latest technologies along with the best after-sales service.

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Consumer Healthcare Division is known as one of the leading distributors of medical equipment for home monitoring and Baby Care. The products of this division have been allocated to five groups of Diabetic Management, Hypertension Management; Weight Management, Asthma Management, Flexible Heating and Fever Management as well as a wide range of high quality baby care products. These equipments independently provide accurate information about the state of health of each individual and reduce future health care complications. All devices are clinically tested and certified by European Medical Associations as well as the Iranian Reference Laboratory

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Khosro Asia Teb

Cardiovascular Department was established in 1996 on the purpose of offering innovative cardiovascular technologies to the Iranian society of cardiologists. Today, KMT Cardiovascular Division is considered as the oldest division of KMT with more than ten years experience in the Iranian market. KMT Cardiovascular Division is the leading group for the introduction of the latest techniques in adult & paediatric Interventional Cardiology. The product range includes Angioplasty Catheters, Intravascular Sensors, Analysis Device, Coarctation Stents and Haemostatic Management for interventional procedures.

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Medisa Ara Gostar

Pharmaceutical Division has been focused on importation, registration, distribution and marketing of quality products. The Division introduces new technologies to manage health cycle through new innovations. KMT's philosophy is to be an integral part of the global pharmaceutical industry chain by being open to a variety of business opportunities and providing a strong service for the customers Aesthetics Department with its professional sales and after-sales service team of medical doctors and biomedical engineers has been known as the leading group in promotion of Medical Laser Systems, Professional Beauty and Aesthetics-Medicine Equipment and complete range of Facial Aesthetics Products throughout Iran. KMT has clinically designed and equipped more than 40 Laser & Beauty Centres throughout Iran

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Ara Saba Teb

Dental Division with the specialized team of professional dentists has performed exceptionally in clinical promotion of Dental Implants and Surgical Biomaterials to the private and academic dental community. The team is also at the forefront of the campaign to enhance general public awareness of the benefits of Dental Implants. KMT has established close cooperation with the reputable research and academic centers throughout Iran, exchanging the latest information on science of Implant logy.

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OSM is one of the KMT group subsidiaries incorporate for facilitating the production all KMT’s medical and pharmaceutical products based on High Standards. OSM target the local and regional market for its products. Based on KMT international’s potential OSM have great opportunity to export its products to Middle East, CIS regions. OSM based on KMT 's products portfolios have great opportunity to cooperate with top companies in medical equipments field

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Water Health Technologies: Distribution of healthy drinking water in different regions after natural disasters has a considerable role in prevention of contagious diseases and it is of great importance to purify the water in shortest possible time and simplest way, providing reliable drinking water Disaster & Preparedness Management Department has embarked on a nationwide disaster preparedness campaign that can save lives, speedup recovery and reduce the impact of new disasters. With frequent floods, landslides and earthquakes, Iran is geographically known as the 10th most natural disaster-prone regions in the world. KMT has gathered valuable experience and expertise from German, Swedish and Norwegian specialists companies

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